Hoorah! I’m mega excited to announce that I am finally showing at my first wedding fair! Its happening! But not just any wedding fair…. an awesome new one! The Un-Wedding Show brings the quirky & cool into one amazing London location that is Core Clapton. This gorgeous space in Hackney was opened in 2017 as a centre for holistic health and wellbeing. But its also a fabulous bright space to host events… making it a great london wedding location!

This fresh new wedding show was created by Melissa who wanted to break the mould of your standard wedding traditions. I wanted to be a part of this particular wedding show because, as lovely as my special day was 12 years ago…. it was extremely traditional in the way of style. We were married in the Orangery of Great Fosters with the reception and Ceilidh held in the Tithe Barn. Who doesn’t like a barn wedding!? But would I choose that now… possibly not. (Although, naturally I’d love to shoot a wedding there!)

I love London and would love to shoot there more. I love alternative weddings with pops of colour and personalised leather jackets! (I so want one!) So I guessed i’d meet some like minded people doing this fabulous new wedding exhibition!

The Un-Wedding Shows are happening in Leeds, Birmingham AND London.